About us

Ambit is a non-governmental organization enhancing cooperation on security and development in the Middle East

We equip governments and public institutions in the Middle East and their international partners with the tools and insights needed to address cross-sectoral and cascading risks that lie at the intersection between security and development.

Ambit is driven by a pressing need to reimagine existing regional approaches to security and development as well as the existing model of international assistance to the region through a commitment to:

Redefining Security and Development:

The region and its international partners have a tendency to focus on the conventional defense and military elements of security or the non-security elements of development without considering their interlinkages. Ambit is committed to redefining security and development concepts as well as broadening their respective stakeholders to promote a whole-of-government approach.

Increasing Impact and Sustainability:

There is scope for regional investments and international assistance to be both more impactful and sustainable. Ambit is committed to enhancing impact by developing appropriate metrics, focusing on impactful solutions and adopting a long-term view to increase sustainability.

Enhancing Governance and Accountability:

The region and its international partners have a tendency to overlook the requisite organizational and administrative capacities needed to effectively adopt and manage support programs. Ambit is committed to addressing capacity and implementation constraints to embed and enhance governance and accountability.